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AccelerateMN is a collaboration of business and community leaders committed to growing Minnesota small businesses.

Our mission is simple:

  • Come Together, Connect and Collaborate–our goal is to be the link that brings together business partners, community leaders and business owners by facilitating conversations that leads to innovation for small business and result in real growth. We will do this by providing a centralized source of for events and activities happening throughout the state on our Community Calendar.
  • Work Together–our website will provide opportunities to share knowledge, ideas and resources through our blog and Community Calendar. Community Leaders and Business Partners will share free tips and tools with relevant and timely information our small business community can use.
  • Stay Together–we believe in the “Power of One”. The idea that each one of us has true influence over Minnesota’s success. That if each small business in Minnesota made a pledge to hire just ONE person during the year, together we could add 115,000 jobs. Each One, Hire One.
We believe that Minnesota has a special opportunity to be a national leader in growing jobs through our small business community. We are creative, engaged and eager to make a difference, but the economy and the fast pace of the changing marketplace has kept many of these businesses on the sidelines, longing for information and support to help them maneuver through the uncertainty. AccelerateMN believes that we can be a centralized resource for bringing together the community and harnessing the energy of those who are committed to growing businesses throughout the state – through the “Power of One”.   linkedin-logo-webtreatsetc

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